Query: Mod combinations that make the Xenon go nuts (2024)

Hey all,

I use multiple mods which I think work really well together, except for an issue with excessive Xenon. While these mods might maintain a good balance in isolation, when other mods add additional ships / groups of ships too - which is what I assume is happening - things can get a little crazy.

The two key mods I've used for a while now are:

- VRO - changes ship, weapon and shield stats, I don't think it actually adds extra groups of ships.
- Faction War / Economy Enhancer Mod - rebalances Factions war and economics, I think it also adds extra groups of ships.

When playing this mod combination, sometimes the Xenon would dominate, sometimes they'd be destroyed. HOP pretty much always expanded quite aggressively. Your classic RNG balance, similar to Vanilla in many ways.

However, when I also added:

- XR Ship Mod - adds some classic Rebirth and X2 ship models, with a balance patch for VRO. I'd not expect this to add extra ships.

It was then I noticed that the Xenon would consistently dominate. Adjacent sectors would come under attack quite quickly. Any defending forces would be quickly overwhelmed as the Xenon would field multiple Destroyer-class ships at one time with hundreds of smaller ships making up an invasion force. A couple of Faction destroyers, if they're lucky, can take down a single Xenon K, but against multiple K's (or K, V, Q combos) they stand zero chance. If a Xenon I enters the sector, then only the Player - assuming sufficient assets - can tactically respond appropriately, the AI simply does not.

This ultimately leads to the same result in every single game using the VRO, FWEE and XR Ship Mod combination. I find myself constantly defending Faction space that they simply cannot defend themselves. Fun, sure, but I can't really do anything but combat, if the universe is going to survive.

It seems like something, I'm not sure what, is somehow doubling-down on the number of Xenon ships. Either directly, through extra ships added, or somehow putting the Xenon economy on steroids.

I don't modify the game myself any more, my last modding experience being with Rebirth very early on, so I can't really poke around to see what's what readily. I think these three mods add a great deal to the game, I struggle to play without them - currently testing Vanilla for the beta - but this particular combination always leads to the same thing. The player fighting against constant Xenon incursions, but ultimately doomed to lose unless they want to do nothing but fighting.

To be clear, I love each of these mods, but something is happening with the Xenon when I use all three together. For full transparency, here are the other mods I use, which I don't think impact the Xenon:

- Better Kill Credit (just extra money / rep as far as I'm aware)
- Better Piracy (aids for forcing ships to bail, aid with boarding)
- Mules and Warehouses Extended (trading / logistics stuff)
- Tater Trade (autotrade)

I tend to bail on my long-term games - often by Day four or five - due to the Xenon being a real pain, despite my best efforts, and my own "war fatigue". I want to be doing other things, like growing my economy, doing missions, exploring etc. However, I'm almost obliged to remain In Sector for the big fights to micro-manage my less than smart fleets. The 4.0 Beta OOS combat changes help as OOS combat is now slower-paced and more accurate, but it's still best to be In Sector.

Note: I get Capital ships of my own quite early in the game, usually in the first two or three hours, from boarding SCA ships. So, I'm fairly well equipped quite early-on, but this simply isn't enough. Plus, I don't want to just be about the combat.

Any ideas what might be contributing to the excessive Xenon aggression with this mod combination? Perhaps there are tweaks I can make? With instruction I'm happy to try tweaking anything tweakable, I don't expect a mod maker to chain their balance ideal for me. I'd just like to understand what causes the Xenon to dominate so with this particular combination.


Query: Mod combinations that make the Xenon go nuts (2024)


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