LoL: The Best Caitlyn Skins (2024)

Sorry, boys! The fluffy cuffs are at Violet's home.

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LoL: The Best Caitlyn Skins (1)

Set the stage for our newest superstar in the League of Legends universe: Caitlyn is here, and she knows which crimes you have committed. While she might be a relentless, lawful hunter, she proves that discipline does not have to come without style. Scroll further down andheck out the best Caitlyn skin in League of Legends!

We can already see it in your eyes: at some point of your life, you have probably had this weird fantasy about a hot, female police officer too. Then you started playing League of Legends, and Caitlyn made it come true!

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Previously, she has been a living nightmare for all bot laners. When she was in the meta, others would have the worst laning phases on a regular basis. Due to her value in pro play, she was subsequently nerfed into the ground.

Recently, she has been given a little help from Riot Games, and her popularity and success are rising once more. This might be a scary sight to you – but we would recommend to make the best out of it! Grab a pretty skin, practice her a bit and be the bot lane terror in your ranked games! Leave the skin picking part to us – we have the best Caitlyn skins in League of Legends listed here, just for you!

Before we dive into our ranking, let us give a shoutout to our honorable mentions: Lunar Wraith Caitlyn and Arctic Warfare Caitlyn have an amazing feel to them and are beloved among her mains for a really good reason. Sadly, some of that feel that set those skins apart from others has been lost with her ASU in 2021, and while the other skins are now on the same level, these two no longer feel as special. We still hold them in high regard, though.

These Are The Best Caitlyn Skins In League of Legends

Let's dive into our ranking, shall we?

3. Snow Moon Caitlyn

LoL: The Best Caitlyn Skins (2)

There is something intriguing to a magically influenced Caitlyn. While Hextech is certainly not far off magic – and she definitely uses Hextech in her sniper rifle – Snow Moon Caitlyn is calling upon some extra, otherworldly magic.

This makes Snow Moon Caitlyn feel a different kind of special, and gives her a vibe that was never before seen in League of Legends. Pair this with a pretty outfit and you have a skin that is definitely worth the 1350 RP price tag!

2. Pool Party Caitlyn

LoL: The Best Caitlyn Skins (3)

A conventionally attractive, young adult woman, chilling by the poolsidein her brand-new, prettybikini? What is not to like?

The Piltover sheriffhas definitely deserved a relaxing holiday, and while the other guests will make sure it is never going to be boring,Pool Party Caitlyn is definitely enjoying her time off. Do not be deceived by her water rifle, though: her aim is still as immaculate as ever!

Should you not be a big fan of her purple bikini, you can also add a beautiful chroma to this skin. If you decide to pick her up before or during thereturn of the Blue Essence Emporium, some ofthese chromas will not even cost you extra RP!

1. Battle Academia Caitlyn

LoL: The Best Caitlyn Skins (4)

Once again, the anime universe is inspiration for a fantastic skin in League of Legends! With Battle Academia Caitlyn, we definitely have a contestant for the title of greatest skin in the entire game. As a legendary skin, this piece of art does not disappoint in any way, shape or form!

As the best of her semester, Caitlyn has the skills to back up her confidence. While she is not busy being the crush of half of the academy's students, she is acing grades and bot lane matchups alike. Make sure to be on her good side – you would not want to have that rifle pointed at your forehead, even from a mile away!

It even comes with special effects in the game. The extra artworks on screen whenever she uses her R – Ace in the Hole are a blatant My Hero Academia reference, but we are all here for it!

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These are our favorite skins for Caitlyn. Which one do you like the most?

LoL: The Best Caitlyn Skins (2024)


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