Devon Lee Carlson Boyfriend: Devon Lee Carlson Dating History Explored (2024)

After breaking up with her longtime partner Jesse Rutherford a year ago, Devon Lee Carlson has moved on and is dating someone new. Her name is Julian Casablancas.

The influencer and founder of Wildflower Cases made an appearance on the episode of “Call Her Daddy” that aired on September 7 alongside her sister, Sydney Carlson. During their conversation, they opened up about dating after the influencer’s separation with the lead singer of “The Neighborhood.”


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Devon Lee Carlson’s New Boyfriend Julian Casablancas

After Devon Lee Carlson discussed her dating life on the episode of Call Me Daddy, the internet is under the impression that she is currently seeing Julian Casablancas.

During the month of August, Lana Del Rey and several of her close friends, including Carlson, who was 28 years old at the time, were seen attending a get-together supper in honor of Norfleet’s birthday.

It is said that the best way to mend a broken heart is to be in the arms of another person, and it definitely appears to be working for Southern California socialite and verified cool girl Devon Lee Carlson.

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Following an announcement on the Call Her Daddy podcast that she has been seeing someone for more than a month, the Los Angeles model and co-founder of Wildflower Cases has now formally soft-revealed their new boyfriend.

TikTok and other blind things à la DuexMoi have done us a favor by revealing the name of Devon’s supposed affair, despite the fact that Devon has not disclosed the identity of the person in question. The revelation of this individual will undoubtedly excite followers of Lana del Rey.

Many users on Reddit have just declared Julian Casablancas to be their new significant other. In response to this, the comments appear to concur with the speculations and express a desire for more news.

Devon Lee Carlson and Duke Norfleet Rumor

In the present day, Devon is connected to a number of different people, including Duke Norfleet.

The upcoming star, who is only 20 years old and hails from a famous Hollywood family, is already quite famous. It was already common knowledge that Oscar-winning actor Jack Nicholson, who is 83 years old and has won three times, is Duke’s grandfather. However, his own family is also fairly famous in their own right.

The former professional surfer Mark Norfleet and fashion designer Jennifer Nicholson are the parents of Duke. Jack and his ex-wife Sandra Knight have joint custody of Duke and consider him their oldest kid.

Despite the fact that Duke Nicholson has been out of the performing business for close to ten years, Hollywood is preparing a warm welcome for the A-grandson lister’s by rolling out the red carpet.

Explore Devon Lee Carlson Dating History

Fans have always been curious about Devon Lee Carlson’s personal life, particularly her romantic relationships. There are only a few notable names that may be brought up while discussing her past relationships, despite the fact that a number of names have been associated with her name. While the media is preoccupied with determining her relationship to the Hollywood royalty Duke Nicholson, we will go into her history in order to obtain some bygone scoops.

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Committed Relationship With Jesse Rutherford

Since 2015, Devon has been in a serious relationship with the American singer Jesse Rutherford. After speculation of their split had begun to circulate, the two individuals came forward to confirm the news publicly.

Jesse is an American actor, singer, and songwriter. He was born in the United States. The lead singer of The Neighbourhood is a musician who plays alternative rock songs.

Without a shred of doubt, Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson were a power couple in the entertainment industry. Since they had been together since 2015, the couple documented their relationship on several social media platforms, most notably Instagram and TikTok. They are an inspiration to many others, both in terms of their relationship and their sense of style.

As a direct consequence of this, a lot of people look up to them. Even GQ referred to them as “2019’s most 2019 couple” in their article on them. In spite of all, there were problems even in paradise. After dating for over six years, the pair decided to end their relationship and pursue separate paths.

Following the discovery by Carlson’s admirers and followers that she had updated her TikTok bio in November 2021, speculations of the supposed end of their relationship began to spread. The phrase “Jesse’s girlfriend” was there previously, but it has since been replaced with “no bio yet.”

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On Carlson’s TikToks, a number of her fans voiced their curiosity about the matter, but the latter did not respond to their inquiries. At the same time that Rutherford deleted all of his Instagram postings, he also unfollowed every user on the platform.

Dating Rumors With Julian Casablancas

At the beginning of this year, there were reports circulating that Devon Lee Carlson and Julian Casablancas were dating. Carlson, who had previously joked with Cooper that she often only dates other musicians, was seen hanging out with the leader of “The Strokes” in the month of July. Casablancas, who is 44 years old, and Carlson shared an Instagram post about their trip to Barcelona, but it has already been deleted.

Julian Fernando Casablancas is an American singer, songwriter, and musician, although he is most well-known for his work as the lead singer and primary composer for the rock band The Strokes. Since the band’s debut in 1998, he has worked with The Strokes on a total of six studio albums. Phrazes for the Young, a solo album recorded by Casablancas, was released in the year 2009.

Because of a chat that took place on Instagram, a number of followers first believed that Julian Casablancas was dating Devon Lee Carlson, and the internet was filled with speculation regarding the nature of their connection. According to a thread on Reddit that was posted a few months ago, the vocalist of The Strokes was purportedly getting close to businessman Carlson this summer. This crossover took everyone by complete surprise.


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Devon Lee Carlson Boyfriend: Devon Lee Carlson Dating History Explored (2024)


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